How to Get Employers Interested in You

December 19, 2018
6:00 pm - 7:15 pm

Read the ad, apply follow up, repeat.  This is the routine that many in the job market follow day in and day out.  The results are depressing.  Some people withdraw from the job market and others take unsatisfying jobs, just to end the misery.  Let coach Win Sheffield show you a better way: The Power of You.


By recognizing the value you bring to the market, you can reach unexpected audiences and learn where what you are offering is in demand.


In this seminar you will learn

* How to present yourself powerfully to create demand for what you have to offer

* How to redefine your direction so people can appreciate your value

* Low key ways to keep in touch and make people want to meet with you again as needed

* Plan your job efforts to make the time you spend productive and more satisfying


Please listen to these (5 minute) microcasts for some answers on this topic: TPOY012, TPOY013, TPOY023, TPOY004, TPOY007, TPOY017


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