The Power of You: How giving up our power in the job market undermines our morale and how to recover it

October 3, 2018
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

The process of landing a job is challenging and can be scary.  By giving up our power it becomes mind numbing, morale sapping and frustrating.   We give up on our dreams for a good job for reasonable pay in 1000 small ways.  Join coach Win Sheffield to learn how to shift our mindset from job market victims to job market assets.


In this seminar we will cover:

* The importance to employers of your needs in the job market

* Developing a network that builds and promotes you in the job market

* How to turn the interviewer from antagonist to partner

* Throwing out your pitch and tell your story


Please listen to these (5 minute) microcasts for some answers on this topic: TPOY034, TPOY057, TPOY010, TPOY012, TPOY013


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St Michael's Parish House

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