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I have just been laid off and don’t know where to turn; what do I do? (TPOY071)

When we are first laid off, it can be overwhelming.  Our income is going or gone.  And we face the prospect of going through a painful, barely understood process to get a job. This Power of You microcast… Read More

I can imagine some objections to my candidacy; how do I tell which, if any of these I need to worry about? (TPOY067)

At various times in the interview process, we may suspect, that we are being viewed as a flawed candidate.  This Power of You microcast addresses how to approach this sensitive topic.   Other Power of You microcasts referred… Read More

Who is in my network and how do I get other people in my network? (TPOY057)

We tend to think of our network as the people we know professionally and assume that building our network involves cold calls to people we do not know or becoming some kind of super salesperson.  In fact, networking… Read More

I need to know more before I can put myself out there in the job market. How can I do this without feeling foolish? (TPOY056)

It is tempting to think that a job campaign is like a lot of other things we deal with in the 21st Century: Do the necessary work up front, push a button and your result appears.  A 19th… Read More

How can I get confidence to sell myself in the marketplace when I feel unfocused and unproductive? (TPOY054)

A job campaign has so many moving parts that it is easy to get lost in the process and end up feeling like we are engaged in random activity. In this microcast we take a step back to… Read More

I am not an extrovert and wonder how I can execute a successful job campaign. (TPOY035)

Not everyone who seeks a job is an extrovert, which is just as well, as employers need  introverts to make their organizations run smoothly.  Many of those introverted skills and abilities, useful on the job, are also useful… Read More

As a recent grad I feel I have to take any job to get started. Is that right? What if I hate it? (TPO034)

Being new to the workforce, we may feel powerless and at the mercy of the job market.  Some would say ‘Beggars can’t be choosers.’  It turns out, though, that the most important quality in a candidate, as the… Read More

I have just graduated and have no experience in any industry I want to work in – How do I compete without any relevant work experience ? (TPOY032)

Some students have the good fortune to get an internship in their industry of choice and many do not.  Yet employers only seem to be looking for candidates with experience.  How do we cross that gap?  This microcast… Read More

I am just graduating from school and am overwhelmed by the job market. What should I do? (TPOY031)

The job market is overwhelming for everyone, especially when coming from the academic world and entering the wider working world with its different culture, rhythm and requirements.  This microcast lays out a few key truths about the job… Read More

How do I mask my age on my resume? (TPOY030)

Age prejudice can be a problem.  Many clients somewhere over 40 ask how they can obscure their age when in the job market.  It is sometimes helpful to downplay our age and sometimes not.  This microcast covers age… Read More