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As an expert in my industry, what questions can I have for my network besides ‘Do you know anybody with a job’? (TPOY070)

Those familiar with The Power of You will know that learning more and more about the positions, industries and organizations we are interested in is the most effective way to engage our network.  For those of us sticking… Read More

How can I find ideas for my next job? (TPOY061)

Many of us feel the urge to move on from our current job and don’t get very far because we don’t know what else we could do.  This microcast identifies some ways to look at what we have… Read More

How I am supposed to convince someone I would be good for something when I don’t know the first thing about much beyond my major? (TPOY040)

As new participants in the job market, we lack experience.  Even after an internship we don’t know enough about most jobs to be convincing about why we would be good for them, or whether we would like them…. Read More

I have just graduated and have no experience in any industry I want to work in – How do I compete without any relevant work experience ? (TPOY032)

Some students have the good fortune to get an internship in their industry of choice and many do not.  Yet employers only seem to be looking for candidates with experience.  How do we cross that gap?  This microcast… Read More