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How do I answer interviewers’ questions about my future when I don’t know myself? (TPOY068)

In a continuing series on Difficult Interview Questions, this Power of You microcast addresses how to answer future oriented questions like what we will be doing in five years.   Other Power of You microcasts referred to in… Read More

Interviewers are always asking me what is the best or worst or most important this or that – What is my best strategy to answer these kinds of questions? (TPOY055)

Many interview questions can take the form of what is the Best?  What is the Worst?  Or the Most, or the Least.  Don’t fall for it.  This microcast describes how to answer the question, and change the game… Read More

How do I find the information I need to successfully interview and at the same time appear ready to do the job? (TPOY042)

In our role as candidates we are focused on providing answers to the interviewer’s questions.  Without experience we need to do learn those answers.  After a certain point that leads to having to ask someone.  And yet, in… Read More

How do I answer the ‘What is your greatest weakness’ question? (TPOY025)

The ‘greatest weakness’ question is one that job candidates fear the most and yet it is the favorite of many interviewers.  There are a number of approaches we can take to this question which are covered in this… Read More

Can you recommend how to handle behavioral interview questions? (TPOY024)

Many people fear Behavioral Interviews (these are where the interviewer asks you what you would do in specific situations).  This microcast will show you why you should hope for these behavioral questions.

What questions should I be asking in an interview? (TPOY020)

When we prepare for an interview it can feel a lot like cramming for finals.  In a final exam we have to have the right answers to pass.  As important as preparing answers is for an interview, it… Read More