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Who is in my network and how do I get other people in my network? (TPOY057)

We tend to think of our network as the people we know professionally and assume that building our network involves cold calls to people we do not know or becoming some kind of super salesperson.  In fact, networking… Read More

I hate networking events – Do I have to go to them and if so, what do I do ? (TPOY033)

It is easy to think that networking events are about becoming a guy who strides up to people, thrusts a business card into their hand while introducing themselves and delivering a hearty “Pleased to meecha!”  before turning to… Read More

I am letting my network know that I am available for any & all types of work. What else can I do? (TPOY007)

When we have many capabilities and are not sure where they might be in demand, it seems prudent to advertise our versatility and our flexibility. It turns out that this strategy can cause unintended consequences. This microcast covers… Read More