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Being new in the job market, I don’t know enough to land a job on my own. Who can help me? (TPOY048)

Classes may have us to working in teams or we may have friends we study with, yet in the end, the grade we receive is ours.  In the same way, just because the job we get is ours… Read More

How I am supposed to convince someone I would be good for something when I don’t know the first thing about much beyond my major? (TPOY040)

As new participants in the job market, we lack experience.  Even after an internship we don’t know enough about most jobs to be convincing about why we would be good for them, or whether we would like them…. Read More

How can I best use LinkedIn for my job campaign? (TPOY014)

LinkedIn can be a great help in our job campaign.  This microcast reviews the information LinkedIn provides and how to use it.  For information on how to set yourself up on LinkedIn, please refer to The Power of… Read More