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I am frustrated by my progress even though I am pursuing a variety of job options. What can I do to improve my results? (TPOY062)

Being open to a variety of options gives us more scope for success.  At the same time, it can spread us too thin.  It turns out that being persuasive about our ability to do a job requires more… Read More

How do I get to the point where I can speak about myself with confidence? (TPOY058)

We hear a lot about selling ourselves when it comes to the job market.  This can be a daunting prospect, but with some up front work, can be very manageable.  This microcast shows us how to get a… Read More

Can you give me some ideas how I can keep up my morale while I am working towards my next job? (TPOY047)

A job campaign commits us to change and often exposes us to all kinds of negative feedback, not least from ourselves!  These things can undermine our efforts. This microcast suggests some ways we can support ourselves so we… Read More

I am doing everything I can to study and enjoy my last year in college – How do I manage a job campaign while I am doing all that? (TPOY046)

To make the best use of our scarce career time it is worth taking a closer look at the process of getting a job.  Breaking what we need to do into its basic components allows us to have… Read More

Can you share some examples of Values and Preferences to help me think about what I like about my work beyond what I do? (TPOY039)

Work is a place where we spend a significant part of our waking hours.  While many things about work are given, there are aspects of the culture, the environment and other intangibles that could be as important as… Read More

I hate networking events – Do I have to go to them and if so, what do I do ? (TPOY033)

It is easy to think that networking events are about becoming a guy who strides up to people, thrusts a business card into their hand while introducing themselves and delivering a hearty “Pleased to meecha!”  before turning to… Read More

I am so done with my current profession but it is all I know; How can I get a job I want? (TPOY023)

With the double whammy of being tired of our job and it being the only thing we know how to do, it might seem like we should give up.  Yet, much of the current workforce is in exactly… Read More

My job campaign takes me in a million directions; what suggestions do you have for keeping myself organized? (TPOY017)

With building our network, thanking people we have spoken to, responding to ads, keeping track of our mail campaigns, researching organizations we are interviewing with, keeping track of versions of our resume, developing pitches or intros for different… Read More

How can I keep up my morale when my job campaign is so discouraging and seems never-ending? (TPOY016)

There are many reasons why seeking work feels so hopeless.  Besides our increasing insecurity due to the lack of a paycheck, we have lower self-esteem since we are no longer contributing in the way that work allows.  Add… Read More