Compensation Info
Compensation information online. Free salary information, salary and benefits advice, career and job search help. Salary surveys, compensation reports, and useful links. Compensation related discussion forums.


Cost of Living Calculator
Check cost-of-living information around the U.S.



You can use com not only to tailor the ads that come to your In Box, but also to check on salary information which some ads include.

The American Salaries and Wages Survey

A helpful reference available at your library which offers wage and salary information. Industry associations are another valuable resource here.


General Info

U.S. Department of Labor – Occupational Handbook

Searchable basic information from the government with all kinds of careers organized by category


Industry & Occupation Research

An evolving list of resources at Hellmann Consulting


Has company, industry and career information.  For many of the companies you can also find out what employees are saying about the place.


College Grad’s Career Information
This site gives in depth information about all kinds of careers.