How can I avoid the ‘salary’ question? (TPOY018)

We are all concerned that we might be disqualified from a potentially great job because we mention a salary that is too high or too low.  Except for external recruiters, with whom we need to share out salary, we will want to avoid the question as best we can.  This microcast addresses some ways to deal with questions about our salary, whether it is a past salary or what we are seeking.

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[…] How can I avoid the ‘salary’ question? (TPOY018) […]

7 months 11 days ago

Do you think these responses would work equally well for a man or a woman interviewee? Saying something like, “As we get further into the process, I would be happy to share my most recent salary”? would sound very different coming from a woman vs a man. Any ideas for how to modify these responses?

[…] How can I avoid the ‘salary’ question? (TPOY018) […]