Beyond Your Pitch: How to introduce yourself Simply and Effectively

November 7, 2018
6:00 pm - 7:15 pm

As professionals, we are often challenged to articulate the value we provide.  Simply keeping on top of what we say is hard and especially hard when we are not sure where exactly we are heading.  Join coach Win Sheffield to learn how to talk about yourself and make a stronger impression without bragging.


Learn to develop a branding message, to keep what you want in front of audiences and to adapt your message to your audience.  Also, develop a comfort level with asking about what you do not know.


Topics covered will include:

* Identify the messages you want to deliver

* Learn techniques to deliver your message with clarity and purpose

* Inspire confidence in your listener by conveying your value to them


Please listen to these (5 minute) microcasts for some answers on talking about yourself: TPOY012, TPOY013


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