For each accomplishment story you are considering sharing it is useful to go through the following two lists of questions to establish your experience of the accomplishment and the timeline of the story.


Brief description of a specific accomplishment



Your Experience

What was the main accomplishment? (e.g., built a widget, delivered $3k project on time, led a team of 3)


What did you enjoy most? (e.g., working on a team, the calculations, being the person who double checked each result)


What skills were involved? (e.g., negotiation, organization, persistence, motivation)


What did you do best? (e.g., kept everyone happy, designed a time saving lesson plan)


What was your key motivator? (e.g., please the boss, prove I could do it, part of job)


What were your relationships to others? (e.g., leader, team member, alone)


What was the subject matter? (e.g., music, classroom, trees, budgets)



Story Timeline

What was the environment, where were you working? (e.g., your employer, your position & characteristics: office, relaxed, challenging, creative, outdoors)


What was the trigger?  How did you get involved? (e.g., assigned, thought by yourself)


What was your reaction?  How did you feel?  How did you plan to proceed?  How did you start?


What happened when you moved forward?  What changed?


What did not go according to plan?  Did someone resist or object?


What did you do to recover?


What changed as a result of your actions? How much? Who acknowledged the improvement?