What’s the best way to make my resume effective? (TPOY003)

A hiring manager, when considering our resume is looking for how we can add value. The best way to convey our value is to use the bullets of our resume to give examples of our accomplishments. The best examples illustrate WHAT we did and HOW we did it.

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win sheffield
8 years ago

Welcome to the Power of You Podcast. I am very pleased to be able to provide answers to your career questions. Please make comments, ask questions and rate us on iTunes. Your success can be built on using what you learn here to recognize the ways in which you can be in charge of having the job market serve your needs.

Ed Bergan
8 years ago

Win–Absolutely spot-on; don’t change a thing, except perhaps you might consider a brief sentence at the beginning emphasizing the unmatched power of opening bullets in making a resume effective.–Ed

[…] What’s the best way to make my resume effective? (TPOY003) […]

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