Resume Review

February 16, 2021
6:15 pm - 8:00 pm

Win will be one of the coaches reviewing resumes at this event.


Bring your resume for critique by experts who will help making it more effective in conveying your value.  Coaches will be in individual breakout rooms and you will be able to change rooms over the course of the evening.


No resume? Come listen in to comments made to others.  Assignment to groups will be on a first come, first served basis.  Doors open at 6:00.


This is a free seminar from the Employment Advisory program. Founded in 1950, the Employment Advisory program helps people seeking employment or exploring new career options.



Registration is required.  Once registered you will receive a unique link to join the meeting.  Please register here.


Participating reviewers include:

Beverly R Daniel is a career coach with a background as a recruiter

Jason Kies is a partner at KPMG and has long experience in interviewing job candidates.

Richard G. Lipstein is an executive recruiter, formerly Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the CFA Society of New York.

Barbara Phillips is a certified coach focusing on career transitions. Prior to coaching she specialized in talent management at American Express and Pfizer.

Ruth K. Robbins has been in private practice, specializing in career exploration, self-assessment, job search strategies, on-the-job effectiveness for over 25 years.

Win Sheffield is a career coach in private practice in New York with a focus on clients changing industries.

List in formation



For a preview of this topic, please listen to 5-minute microcasts here:


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