The Interview Head Game: Rethinking your role in the interview

June 27, 2018
6:00 pm - 7:15 pm

It is easy to assume that interviewers have all the power in the interview and that our needs irrelevant as interchangeable cogs in the organizational machine.  On good days we can recognize this as an exaggeration.  But unfortunately, not all days are good.


Join coach Win Sheffield to learn transform your interview from joyless torture to a productive exchange of ideas.  The talk will teach you how to:

* Focus on your role as a valuable asset

* Recognize the value to the employer of your needs

* Be the best candidate by what you do before, during and after the interview


Microcasts to listen to on interviews: TPOY011, TPOY010, TPOY052, TPOY001, TPOY020, TPOY066, TPOY067


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