Interviewers all seem to expect small talk in an interview. Is there any way to avoid it? (TPOY001)

To the busy and single-minded, small talk may seem like an unaffordable luxury. In fact it is a necessity that you cannot do without. Here are the basics of what you need to know.

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Ed Bergan
8 years ago

Win–As far as it goes, it’s great. But as an interviewer, I used small talk for a particular purpose apart from letting us both clear our minds and settle into a good, genial conversation around the c.v. Invariably I had the candidate shown in while I was on the phone, so I could observe their sitting posture, dress, grooming, ability to avoid showing impatience…and then, when I got off the phone, I’d make some self-deprecating joke about the phone call, hear the laugh and then I was ready to begin. With job candidates, I’d wait a beat for the candidate… Read more »

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