Wow them with Your Accomplishments: Learn how to tell the stories that sell you

March 13, 2019
6:00 pm - 7:15 pm

People who might hire you and people whose support you want need to know that you can do the job, whatever it is.  The easiest way for them to know you can do the job is to tell them about when you did the job before.  The best way to tell them that is to tell them a story.


Join career coach, Win Sheffield to learn how to pick and deliver stories that will convey the message of your value in a compelling way, so you will be asked to the next interview.  Topics covered will include:

* Identify good stories to tell: What Hollywood can teach us about telling our story

* Isolate the messages you want to deliver

* Learn techniques to deliver your message with clarity and purpose


For a preview of this topic please listen to 5 minute podcasts on stories


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