I hate networking events – Do I have to go to them and if so, what do I do ? (TPOY033)

It is easy to think that networking events are about becoming a guy who strides up to people, thrusts a business card into their hand while introducing themselves and delivering a hearty “Pleased to meecha!”  before turning to their next victim.  This is not what we have to do.  The key to effective networking is our relationships and that just isn’t the way to develop productive relationships.  There is no need to have a personality transplant to make these events a success.


While we may choose never to attend a networking event, this microcast reviews which ones to choose, how to prepare for them and have them serve our interests.

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Tito Davila
7 years ago

Many good ideas on how to approach networking. Helps to motivate me to do it more often. Thanks Win.

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