Figuring out What You Want to Do and How to Get it

September 16, 2020
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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When we reinvent ourselves we need to convince people we can deal efficiently with their issues and problems without the evidence of having done it before.  Anyone coming out of college who does not choose to go on to grad school in their major is reinventing themselves.  Given what we see in job ads, which always seem to require experience, to be stupefyingly boring, or to be out of reach, the situation seems grim. The job-listing-industrial-complex is organized to encourage this thinking, so we assume we have to play by their rules.


Yet with a little background in how the job market works, we can land an interesting job.  Join coach Win Sheffield to learn how to navigate the job market and bring value to your industry or field of choice. In this talk we will cover:

* Examining academic & extracurricular experience for ideas how to be valuable to an employer

* Efficiently researching and broadening our options

* Identifying compelling messages to deliver on your resume and in person

* What we can and cannot expect from ads and recruiters when shifting fields

* Getting organized to efficiently set priorities and make our dream a reality


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