Career questions: Stuck at home. Now what?

April 17, 2020
10:00 am - 11:15 am

Register here to join this meeting (registration required).  To help us know where to focus the discussion, Please share your questions before the session by emailing at least 24 hours ahead of time:


Career coaches Amy Geffen and Win Sheffield will be available for an hour to answer your questions about how to manage your career in this unprecedented situation.  Join us to share what is working and certainly what is not whether you have too much time on your hands or too little.  Amy and Win have addressed managing your time, how better to use technology, how to convey your value with stories and the new normal for networking in this strange time.


But the bottom line is:  The call is for you and what you make of it.  Share your issues and you will find you are not alone.  Please share your concerns and questions when you register.

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3 Comments on “Career questions: Stuck at home. Now what?

  1. The Webinar on April 8th was engaging and stimulating. I’m glad I tuned in and look forward to the next virtual meeting with Win Sheffield and Amy Geffen.

  2. I know to have structure in my day (and I do), but still don’t feel I’m accomplishing much.

    • First, remember that you are dealing with a lot, Lynn. We all are. The world is moving more slowly so you can give yourself permission to the same. Please attend the free event on April 17 and hear about some of the ways to structure your day to increase productivity.

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