Refreshing Our Approach to Networking

October 2, 2019
11:00 pm - 12:30 am

You may be avoiding networking because you think it is dark magic requiring you to be a super salesman who annoys on hundreds of contacts, asking total strangers for a job.  Based on what we hear, who could blame you?  In fact networking is widely misunderstood.


Networking, properly done, is an opportunity to be ourselves, talking with people who already want to talk to us about things that interest us both, strengthening our connection to mutual benefit.  Join coach Win Sheffield to look at how to approach contacts and re-imagine networking as something we can do naturally and with ease.  Learn:

* Common networking myths & how to avoid them

* How to broaden who you reach out to

* How to convey your value to your audience


For more information listen to 5-minute microcasts on networking:


Location: SIBL Library 188 Madison Avenue (34th St)

No Fee

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