Stories Workshop: Conveying your value through sharing your experience

December 14, 2020
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Without the option of random encounters by the watercooler or lingering lunches with casual conversation, we must make the most of the time we have with bosses, interviewers and anyone who can assist us in our careers.  Taking a page from Hollywood’s playbook, we can communicate our value quickly and effectively using stories.  We are hardwired for stories and in spite of what we may think, can learn to use them to deliver substantial impact quickly.


Join our community to build your work stories, to show how you work, your motivation, your character.  Whether you attend regularly or drop in to polish a story for an upcoming meeting, you will hear participants stories, comments and suggestions, and learn what works and doesn’t work in conveying your value through stories.  Some participants will be just starting out and some will be inserting that last detail in preparation for an interview.  Whatever your focus, you will be building your facility with using stories for your career.


Sharing stories is the single most effective way for an employer, a potential employer or a client to experience what it is like to work with you.  Stories are as natural for us to tell as they are for our audiences to take in.  With a little practice you can master storytelling for your career.


Stories workshopped range from rambling to abbreviated for an interview to concise for a resume.  Participants develop general stories, stories geared towards introducing themselves, (in a “pitch”), stories for a presentation, stories tailored for a new career direction and many others.  In this workgroup you can drop in at any time to make your stories work for whatever context you need to adapt them to.


Participants represent a range of experience from those just dipping their toes into stories for the first time to experienced coaches, who are polishing their technique or contributing their experience.  This ongoing workshop is useful for those just starting to put together stories as well as those updating their stories or wanting to.


Join career coach, Win Sheffield, in this workshop setting to practice delivering stories engagingly and compellingly.  You will:

* Identify your successes, large and small to be used as stories

* Hone your message so your story fills out your listener’s appreciation of what you offer

* Hear feedback on your stories and others’

* Learn techniques to deliver your message with clarity and impact


Registration required.  Sign up here for the date(s) you would like to attend.  Registration will close 30 minutes before each session.


In addition, the fee for the hour is $20, payable in advance via Venmo (@Win-Sheffield), Zelle ( or by check.  The meetings will open 15 minutes before the start for general discussion.  The workshop will run for an hour each week.


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