Summer Networking: Taking Your Campaign Informal

June 14, 2016
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Summer barbecues and pool parties hardly seem like the place to be talking about jobs, let alone the need for a job.  Yet we need to keep up our momentum and don’t want to lose the opportunity to connect with the new people we meet in the summer.

Do not worry!  There are appropriate and productive ways to get your message out and maintain a proper summer mood.  Join Coach Win Sheffield as he sheds light on some summer networking practices that will integrate you summer job seeking with the rest of your relaxing summer.  Whether in the board room or on the beach, work the room in a relaxed manner, tell them something that will make them pay attention, adapting your message to the summer vibe.  Learn to:

– Develop a pitch that can be delivered around the pool

– Tell some engaging stories that also convey your worth

– Make the most of the summer work rhythm by getting your work done and leaving time for recreation


St Michael’s Parish House
225 W 99th St (B’way – Amsterdam)
No reservations necessary


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St Michael’s Parish House

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