How can I find ideas for my next job? (TPOY061)

Many of us feel the urge to move on from our current job and don’t get very far because we don’t know what else we could do.  This microcast identifies some ways to look at what we have done to get new ideas for ourselves.

I sometimes feel I am getting in my own way with my negative thoughts – what can I do to overcome this? (TPOY060)

Whenever we are in a new or unfamiliar situation, like being out of a job, we tend to doubt ourselves and pay more attention to our fears than when we feel secure and in familiar territory.  The bad news is that, in this state we naturally have more negative thoughts.  The good news is that a shift in attitude can move us out of negativity relatively painlessly.

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Can you give me an example of a good accomplishment story? (TPOY059)

This microcast is the first in a series of samples that provide some ideas for the components of a good story.  This story is a little over two minutes and 300 words.

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How do I get to the point where I can speak about myself with confidence? (TPOY058)

We hear a lot about selling ourselves when it comes to the job market.  This can be a daunting prospect, but with some up front work, can be very manageable.  This microcast shows us how to get a much better grasp of the product that we are before we go out and try to sell it.

Who is in my network and how do I get other people in my network? (TPOY057)

We tend to think of our network as the people we know professionally and assume that building our network involves cold calls to people we do not know or becoming some kind of super salesperson.  In fact, networking does not need to involve total strangers at all, as this microcast lays out.

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I need to know more before I can put myself out there in the job market. How can I do this without feeling foolish? (TPOY056)

It is tempting to think that a job campaign is like a lot of other things we deal with in the 21st Century: Do the necessary work up front, push a button and your result appears.  A 19th Century analogy involving investment up front and then much learning by trial and error is a closer analogy.  This microcast looks at the job market as a place we explore, as opposed to a place we look for something and then, act.  Seeing it this way can make our career efforts less tedious and much more productive.

Interviewers are always asking me what is the best or worst or most important this or that – What is my best strategy to answer these kinds of questions? (TPOY055)

Many interview questions can take the form of what is the Best?  What is the Worst?  Or the Most, or the Least.  Don’t fall for it.  This microcast describes how to answer the question, and change the game a little to lower the stress and show you can handle difficult situations. 

How can I get confidence to sell myself in the marketplace when I feel unfocused and unproductive? (TPOY054)

A job campaign has so many moving parts that it is easy to get lost in the process and end up feeling like we are engaged in random activity.

In this microcast we take a step back to put our efforts in perspective so we can reach a successful result more quickly and efficiently.  We do this on three levels: the approach we take, the actions we pursue and the way we organize ourselves.

On all three levels this means taking an active, not a passive approach to the job market.  We are in charge.  We need to present ourselves to the marketplace, impressing our listeners, rather than hoping someone will take mercy on us in our helplessness.

Can you give me some good questions to ask my networking contacts? (TPOY053)

There are many questions we can ask our contacts.  While we will ask no two contacts the same questions, it is useful to have some basic questions to stimulate our curiosity.  The questions in this microcast are designed to remind us of questions we may have forgotten we had.

What can I do to improve my negotiating position prior to getting the offer? (TPOY052)

Negotiation begins long before we receive our offer.  This microcast reviews how we can best position ourselves to improve our negotiating position starting from the time we target an organization.
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