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I have just been laid off and don’t know where to turn; what do I do? (TPOY071)

When we are first laid off, it can be overwhelming.  Our income is going or gone.  And we face the prospect of going through a painful, barely understood process to get a job. This Power of You microcast… Read More

As an expert in my industry, what questions can I have for my network besides ‘Do you know anybody with a job’? (TPOY070)

Those familiar with The Power of You will know that learning more and more about the positions, industries and organizations we are interested in is the most effective way to engage our network.  For those of us sticking… Read More

How do I answer nonsense questions in an interview? (TPOY069)

As with many difficult questions, the main point of asking a nonsense question is to see how we handle the unexpected.  While nonsense questions may seem impossible to anticipate and have no set answer, this Power of You… Read More

How do I answer interviewers’ questions about my future when I don’t know myself? (TPOY068)

In a continuing series on Difficult Interview Questions, this Power of You microcast addresses how to answer future oriented questions like what we will be doing in five years.   Other Power of You microcasts referred to in… Read More

I can imagine some objections to my candidacy; how do I tell which, if any of these I need to worry about? (TPOY067)

At various times in the interview process, we may suspect, that we are being viewed as a flawed candidate.  This Power of You microcast addresses how to approach this sensitive topic.   Other Power of You microcasts referred… Read More

How do I approach learning where I stand in the interview process? (TPOY066)

Interviews are the gateway to any job and so it is a good idea to know how we are being seen by our interviewers and what’s going on with the process generally. This Power of You microcast looks… Read More

What do I need to put in my interview follow up note? (TPOY065)

Everyone knows that we need to send a thank you note after an interview.  This Power of You microcast shows how to go beyond thank you and create a note that furthers our candidacy and gives us a… Read More

Can you make any recommendations how I can organize my time to make my career campaign more productive? (TPOY064)

In a job there tends to be a focus on what we do.  This is rarely true in a job campaign where unfamiliar and last-minute tasks arise regularly. Other than our overall goal of landing a job, our… Read More

How can I appropriately leverage non-work social media and social settings for help with my career? (TPOY063)

We may choose to keep our personal life personal and not mix business with pleasure.  It does not have to be that way.  Many of the people we know socially would be glad to assist us professionally, if… Read More

I am frustrated by my progress even though I am pursuing a variety of job options. What can I do to improve my results? (TPOY062)

Being open to a variety of options gives us more scope for success.  At the same time, it can spread us too thin.  It turns out that being persuasive about our ability to do a job requires more… Read More