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As an expert in my industry, what questions can I have for my network besides ‘Do you know anybody with a job’? (TPOY070)

Those familiar with The Power of You will know that learning more and more about the positions, industries and organizations we are interested in is the most effective way to engage our network.  For those of us sticking… Read More

How do I approach learning where I stand in the interview process? (TPOY066)

Interviews are the gateway to any job and so it is a good idea to know how we are being seen by our interviewers and what’s going on with the process generally. This Power of You microcast looks… Read More

How can I appropriately leverage non-work social media and social settings for help with my career? (TPOY063)

We may choose to keep our personal life personal and not mix business with pleasure.  It does not have to be that way.  Many of the people we know socially would be glad to assist us professionally, if… Read More

Who is in my network and how do I get other people in my network? (TPOY057)

We tend to think of our network as the people we know professionally and assume that building our network involves cold calls to people we do not know or becoming some kind of super salesperson.  In fact, networking… Read More

Can you give me some good questions to ask my networking contacts? (TPOY053)

There are many questions we can ask our contacts.  While we will ask no two contacts the same questions, it is useful to have some basic questions to stimulate our curiosity.  The questions in this microcast are designed… Read More

I have very little idea who I should be meeting with or what to ask them. Can you help me get started? (TPOY051)

Meeting with people is key to most job campaigns.  This microcast covers how to make the most of our contacts and how to manage our network. 

Now that I have gotten someone to agree to meet with me, what do I say in the meeting? (TPOY049)

Meeting with people is key to most career campaigns.  This microcast covers the basic components of the meeting so that we can get the most out of the conversation.

Being a student, I have run out of people to reach out to – How am I supposed to get a job or find out what I need to know? (TPOY044)

It is common to identify a few people who we can bring ourselves to talk to, to talk to them and when that does not lead to a job, to feel stuck, feeling like we have nowhere to… Read More

How do I find the information I need to successfully interview and at the same time appear ready to do the job? (TPOY042)

In our role as candidates we are focused on providing answers to the interviewer’s questions.  Without experience we need to do learn those answers.  After a certain point that leads to having to ask someone.  And yet, in… Read More

I am not an extrovert and wonder how I can execute a successful job campaign. (TPOY035)

Not everyone who seeks a job is an extrovert, which is just as well, as employers need  introverts to make their organizations run smoothly.  Many of those introverted skills and abilities, useful on the job, are also useful… Read More