How to Make the Most of Your Summer While Advancing Your Career

June 1, 2019
12:00 pm - 1:15 pm

It’s summer.  You have your priorities and they involve the out of doors and water.  And yet, there is that little voice at the back of your head saying: “Maybe I should be looking for work.  I know I need a job and come the fall I will really want to be working . . .”


Why not do both?  Summer is a time when m work slows down and September is one of the biggest hiring months.  Summer is the time to develop relationships.  Not all career activity has to be in a business suit.


Join coach Win Sheffield to learn how to:

* Introduce your business self around the pool

* Organize your time to allow for fun and work

* Tell entertaining work stories for informal occasions


Location: SIBL Library 188 Madison Avenue (34th St)


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