Figuring out What You Want to Do and How to Get it

May 15, 2019
6:00 pm - 7:15 pm

The job market is constantly changing – and so are we.  As a result we are often interested in changing jobs, or required by circumstance to change careers.  Yet without exposure to other areas, it is easy to assume there is no way for us to do something different.


Join coach Win Sheffield to learn how we can bring value to a new industry or to a new field.  Learn how breadth of experience can be a competitive advantage in a changing marketplace.  We will cover:

* Approaches to discover what we want to do

* How to research options we are considering

* Why ads demand prior experience and how to change anyway

* How to adapt your experience to new fields

* Set priorities for the career options you will pursue


Location: SIBL Library 188 Madison Avenue (34th St)


For a preview of this topic please listen to 5 minute podcasts on changing careers and setting direction


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