Networking in a Tumultuous Job Market: What stays the same and what doesn’t

May 7, 2020
11:00 pm - 12:15 am

How to network is murky at the best of times.  Now it can be even more challenging as we adapt to a new job market and new technologies.  To successfully adjust to our new social distancing reality, we do not need to become technical geniuses or to have a personality transplant.


Networking, properly done, is an opportunity to be ourselves, identifying our need and the needs of our contacts so we can have a conversation that interests us both, thus strengthening our connection to mutual benefit.  Join coach Win Sheffield to look at how to approach contacts and re-imagine networking as something we can do naturally and with ease, even online.  Learn how to:

* Identify common networking and virtual meeting myths

* Clarify the purpose of your conversation

* Convey your value to your audience


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