What is the best way to work with recruiters? (TPOY041)

Recruiters, sometimes called headhunters, offer the very attractive prospect of jobs that we do not have to find.  To take best advantage of recruiters, it pays to know how they work and how to deal with them.  This microcast reviews the three truths about recruiters, the types of recruiters and the best ways to cultivate a productive relationship with them.

How I am supposed to convince someone I would be good for something when I don’t know the first thing about much beyond my major? (TPOY040)

As new participants in the job market, we lack experience.  Even after an internship we don’t know enough about most jobs to be convincing about why we would be good for them, or whether we would like them.

This microcast looks at what we can learn so we can make better choices, and present ourselves better as candidates.

Can you share some examples of Values and Preferences to help me think about what I like about my work beyond what I do? (TPOY039)

Work is a place where we spend a significant part of our waking hours.  While many things about work are given, there are aspects of the culture, the environment and other intangibles that could be as important as what we do, and, over which we have some say.   This microcast allows us to review a number of job characteristics and identify their importance to us.

I’m a recent grad. If I don’t get a job through my internship, do I have any good alternatives to answering ads and networking to land a job? (TPOY038)

Everyone wants an internship not just for the experience, but because if things work out, then we are not required to look at all those ads and reach out to all those people.  While we hope that our internship turns into fulltime employment, in case it doesn’t, this microcast will outline some other ways to get interviews.

Can you share some examples of functions and skills to help me think about what I like? (TPOY037)

When we are used to just “doing” our job it is sometimes easy to lose track of what is important to us and what we do well.  This microcast goes into some functions and skills so that we can better articulate what is important to us.

Being newly graduated and without experience, how can I convince anyone I would be a good employee? (TPOY036)

It sometimes seems like only an act of kindness can get us a job in the “real” world.  Why would anyone take a chance on us unless they know us?  What we have achieved in the academic world seems largely irrelevant.  We tend to rely on people who know us or the reputation of our school, or the ability implied by our grades or some combination of outside interests or previous jobs or internships to get us hired.


Yet, we have another potentially very effective means at our disposal: telling people the stories of how we achieved the successes in any context.  This microcast explores what makes those stories relevant and how to deliver them.

I am not an extrovert and wonder how I can execute a successful job campaign. (TPOY035)

Not everyone who seeks a job is an extrovert, which is just as well, as employers need  introverts to make their organizations run smoothly.  Many of those introverted skills and abilities, useful on the job, are also useful for advancing our job campaigns.  There will be times when we have to draw on our extrovert sides as well.  This microcast reviews how to maximize the strengths that come from our introversion and how to minimize extroverted activity.

As a recent grad I feel I have to take any job to get started. Is that right? What if I hate it? (TPO034)

Being new to the workforce, we may feel powerless and at the mercy of the job market.  Some would say ‘Beggars can’t be choosers.’  It turns out, though, that the most important quality in a candidate, as the head recruiter for Goldman Sachs said, is “Enthusiasm.”


What this means, is that if we can show the interest or excitement we bring to a job, we can be selected over the apparently more qualified candidate.  This microcast explores how our desire to do the job matters.


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I hate networking events – Do I have to go to them and if so, what do I do ? (TPOY033)

It is easy to think that networking events are about becoming a guy who strides up to people, thrusts a business card into their hand while introducing themselves and delivering a hearty “Pleased to meecha!”  before turning to their next victim.  This is not what we have to do.  The key to effective networking is our relationships and that just isn’t the way to develop productive relationships.  There is no need to have a personality transplant to make these events a success.


While we may choose never to attend a networking event, this microcast reviews which ones to choose, how to prepare for them and have them serve our interests.

I have just graduated and have no experience in any industry I want to work in – How do I compete without any relevant work experience ? (TPOY032)

Some students have the good fortune to get an internship in their industry of choice and many do not.  Yet employers only seem to be looking for candidates with experience.  How do we cross that gap?  This microcast addresses how to show that what we offer is relevant.