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Can you share some examples of Values and Preferences to help me think about what I like about my work beyond what I do? (TPOY039)

Work is a place where we spend a significant part of our waking hours.  While many things about work are given, there are aspects of the culture, the environment and other intangibles that could be as important as …

Can you share some examples of functions and skills to help me think about what I like? (TPOY037)

When we are used to just “doing” our job it is sometimes easy to lose track of what is important to us and what we do well.  This microcast goes into some functions and skills so that we …

When people ask me what I have done, I draw a blank. What can I do to remember more of my accomplishments? (TPOY006)

Often when we try to remember our successes we cannot recall anything. In this microcast we explore how to recall those long forgotten accomplishments.