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As an expert in my industry, what questions can I have for my network besides ‘Do you know anybody with a job’? (TPOY070)

Those familiar with The Power of You will know that learning more and more about the positions, industries and organizations we are interested in is the most effective way to engage our network.  For those of us sticking… Read More

I am doing everything I can to study and enjoy my last year in college – How do I manage a job campaign while I am doing all that? (TPOY046)

To make the best use of our scarce career time it is worth taking a closer look at the process of getting a job.  Breaking what we need to do into its basic components allows us to have… Read More

If telling stories is so important for my job campaign, how can I tell a good story? (TPOY045)

As much as stories are part of our daily life, we can lack the understanding or confidence of how to tell a good story in a work context.  The microcast illustrates techniques and flourishes to bring our stories… Read More

Being newly graduated and without experience, how can I convince anyone I would be a good employee? (TPOY036)

It sometimes seems like only an act of kindness can get us a job in the “real” world.  Why would anyone take a chance on us unless they know us?  What we have achieved in the academic world… Read More

As a recent grad I feel I have to take any job to get started. Is that right? What if I hate it? (TPO034)

Being new to the workforce, we may feel powerless and at the mercy of the job market.  Some would say ‘Beggars can’t be choosers.’  It turns out, though, that the most important quality in a candidate, as the… Read More

I have just graduated and have no experience in any industry I want to work in – How do I compete without any relevant work experience ? (TPOY032)

Some students have the good fortune to get an internship in their industry of choice and many do not.  Yet employers only seem to be looking for candidates with experience.  How do we cross that gap?  This microcast… Read More

How can I make updating my resume easier? (TPOY029)

Because of its centrality to our job campaigns and as our only means of communication with some audiences we need to reach, a resume can be overwhelming to approach. This microcast lays out a step by step approach… Read More

Why isn’t sharing my results good enough? Why do you say stories are more effective? (TPOY026)

This microcast shows three ways to convey value: claims, results and stories. Listening to all three helps us to understand what we get from each and why stories are the most valuable.

When people ask me what I have done, I draw a blank. What can I do to remember more of my accomplishments? (TPOY006)

Often when we try to remember our successes we cannot recall anything. In this microcast we explore how to recall those long forgotten accomplishments.

What’s the best way to make my resume effective? (TPOY003)

A hiring manager, when considering our resume is looking for how we can add value. The best way to convey our value is to use the bullets of our resume to give examples of our accomplishments. The best… Read More